I spoke at Scofield Church this morning…

This morning I was privileged to speak at a Sunday school class at Scofield Memorial Church.

This is a great church with a long history of supporting missions. If you were to look at their missionary list, you will find over fifty listed! That’s a huge commitment to the great commission!

Beyond supporting missions on their website, they show up. They have committed to hosting our Monday Night Football event once per month, they’ve had teams join us on Search and Rescue and their youth have served with us on many occasion.

It’s refreshing to see a church who “gets it”. Missions isn’t just about sending a check (although from a missionary’s perspective that is a ton of help),  they also put their faith and support in action.

The first time I met their new pastor I was at the State Fair of Texas. I was starting my shift at the Fair and Rodeo Evangelism booth with Clayton Camp. Pastor Jeff was there with a few other men from their church sharing the love and message of Christ with people at the fair.  (FYI: Fletcher’s Corny Dog + Cotton Candy + Jesus is a great combination).

At a time when many churches are concerned about the latest fad, coolest programs and getting more people in the door, it is great to see Scofield concerned with the Gospel. I pray that God will continue to use this church for His glory.


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